Automotive Machining

Automotive machining requires incredible versatility through CNC turning and machining. The screw machine products and assemblies required for this industry can be intricate and tiny or large and labor intensive. Consumer automobile engines are powered by completely different components than industrial transport automobiles. Alpha Omega Swiss has the experience to handle the wide range of automotive CNC machining projects and challenges of our clients.

Our automotive machining experts likely have hands-on experience with the auto part you need machined. Our CNC machining engineers have years of practical experience in many areas of automotive precision manufacturing. If a precision project is new to our staff, we have extensive custom machining and CNC turning experience to tackle completely new projects with accuracy. No matter the automotive machining challenge, our experts are ready and motivated to fabricate screw machine products that will stand up to the standards of the automotive industry.

Automotive parts machining and manufacturing involves many processes, and often multiple process are utilized in the fabrication of one part. Alpha Omega Swiss has the equipment and know-how to utilize the necessary techniques to fabricate your part. We offer CNC millingPrecision CNC machining, Micromachining and Swiss machining services for the automotive industry. Our wide variety of machining techniques ensures that your project can be done in-house as our experts monitor each step of the machining process.

Some of the automotive machining tasks that we complete:

  • Suspension components
  • Timing covers
  • Titanium valve keepers
  • Valve retainers
  • Final machining on castings
  • Fittings
  • Brake system components
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Alpha Omega Swiss is dedicated to in-house machining with attention to detail and accuracy. For unique and custom machining projects, we offer special attention to the design and execution of your parts machining. Contact Us today for more information about our precision machining services or Request a Quote to get started with our machining capabilities.

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