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Alpha Omega Swiss has an impressive background in dental machining. For over 17 years we have produced screw machine products for the dental industry while maintaining quality and adhering to the exacting standards of the dental health industry. Dental and medical components are often subjected to as much pressure and demand as industrial and commercial components. The tolerances required in the machining of dental components are so tight that Swiss and precision CNC machining is almost always required.

Through the method of precision CNC machining we create titanium dental implants, bone screws and precision dental tools. We utilize our advanced CNC Swiss turning machines in our fully equipped Swiss machining jobshop which has the CAD/CAM operated machinery to produce dental parts right the first time. Some of the methods that we use to create the exact product specifications you need are CNC millingCNC turning, and CAM Swiss automatic machining.

We conduct all Swiss dental machining in house and monitor each step of the production process. Our engineers have practical experience in titanium machining for all areas of dental machining. We know how to ensure precision and efficiency in our screw machine products, e.g. brass inserts.

The material used when fabricating dental components is highly important to the performance of the part. We machine screw machine products and other dental components from high quality stainless steel, titanium and any material required to meet the high dental industry standards. With a highly experienced staff to our technologically advanced machines, our CNC Swiss dental machining is industry leading. Alpha Omega Swiss is a known expert in dental parts machining, and we are confident in our reputation.

Some of the dental components we fabricate:
  • Bone screws
  • Abutments
  • Sleeves
  • Titanium mounting screws
  • Orthodontic components
  • Reamers
  • Brass inserts
Our Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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