Quality Control of Machined Parts

Alpha Omega Swiss provides precision CNC machining in the world’s most complex and advanced industries. We take quality seriously and monitor accuracy of measurements, machined parts and performance. Alpha Omega Swiss adheres to the strictest industry standards for machining because we understand that each measurement must be exact. Alpha Omega Swiss takes pride in our status as a leader in Swiss machining and we maintain all the industry certifications necessary for providing expert machined parts for the aerospace, militarymedical and other advanced industries.

Certifications & Specializations

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with extensive experience in the standards for proper machining techniques. Our staff is experienced in all areas of quality control and understand mathematical integration, gauge reading, print identifying and tolerances, CNC control and programming and on site safety. Additionally a select number of our engineers have specialization in CAD/CAM design workstations including Virtual Gibbs, MasterCam, AutoCad Predator, and Geoprep.

Inspection Equipment

Alpha Omega Swiss invests in state of the art inspection equipment. We are committed to meeting and exceeding precision CNC machining and other machining standards for ultimate part accuracy and customer satisfaction. Our inspection equipment:

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