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Alpha Omega Swiss provides precision CNC machining and micromachining of screw machine products for the electronics industry. The quickly changing electronics industry relies on fast yet cost-effective production runs. Alpha Omega Swiss meets the exacting demands of the electronics industry with efficient production and long or short run capabilities.

Electronic components also require tight tolerances and extremely intricate forming. Alpha Omega Swiss maintains a fully upgraded Swiss machining facility with the equipment to machine cutting-edge electronic screw machine products. Our advanced machines provide the precision CNC machining and micromachining techniques we are famous for.

With over 30 years of Swiss machining experience, Alpha Omega Swiss is a leader in electronics industry precision machining. The intricate parts in electronic devices and circuit boards can be expertly machined by our Swiss machining experts in a variety of materials like aluminum, titanium and plastic. We look forward to learning about the electronic parts or screw machine products you need. 

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