Military Machining

The equipment used in the military industry is vital to the protection of military professionals and national security. The high stakes of the defense industry requires machined parts for the vast array of military assemblies is precise and strong. Alpha Omega Swiss understands the unique requirements of this industry and has successfully completed screw machine products  and standoffs implemented in Apache Helicopters, M1a1 tanks, missiles, ships and fighter aircrafts.

For over 30 years, Alpha Omega Swiss has tackled projects that involved some of the tightest tolerances in the world. Military companies have trusted us with the precision machined parts they need because of our dedicated staff and complete in house capabilities. Our staff is highly skilled in CNC Swiss machining, CNC turning and related precision machining processes. We utilize an impressive variety of state of the art machines in our equipped jobshop to fabricate most projects completely in house. We value accuracy so highly that we prefer to monitor every step of the precision machining process.

The military industry requires that screw machine products be stable and transportable. Alpha Omega Swiss has experience working with lightweight and versatile materials such as titaniumaluminum, stainless steel and other materials. We successfully fabricate the smallest screws and standoffs to large components for artillery and tanks.

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Alpha Omega Swiss understands the demands put upon military machined parts. We are confident in our precision machining abilities, and look forward to rising to your military project challenge. Contact Us today for more information regarding our machining solutions for military screw machine products or Request a Quote to begin working with Alpha Omega Swiss.

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