We machine standoffs in many materials and custom designs. Standoffs can be designed in a variety of materials including brass, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic. Along with a versatile materials selection for your standoff design, Alpha Omega Swiss manufactures custom standoff designs, in any shape, length or size. Our excellent CNC machining engineers have manufactured standoffs and aluminum spacers for a variety of industries. Our standoffs have been successfully machined for the electronics and military industries which require complete accuracy and tight tolerances. When custom specifications, intricacy and cost-effective production are desired, Alpha Omega Swiss delivers results.

Standoffs and aluminum spacers are manufactured using our CNC machining and CNC turning technologies. We also utilize screw machining for fast and mass production of standoffs. We create the quality products you need at low cost, guaranteeing you won’t ever want to go to someone else for your standoffs needs.

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Machined parts

Here are some examples of precision parts: