Threaded Inserts

Alpha Omega Swiss employs precision CNC machining for precision custom threaded inserts and standoffs needed by injection molding industries. Our inserts are made from a wide variety of metals. Sizes range from micromachined very small inserts up to 6 inches in diameter. Our dedication to quality helps us to provide threaded inserts with tolerances as close as .0002.

We manufacture brass inserts and other material inserts in many configurations from standard to custom. We have extensive experience in insert manufacturing and have encountered a diverse range of threaded insert challenges. Our history in insert manufacturing means we can draw upon past experience to create a custom insert that will meet your needs for today’s requirements.

Alpha Omega Swiss recognizes the importance of quality materials in the precision CNC machining production of effective inserts and standoffs. We have the resources and materials necessary to create a machined part that will stand up to time, wear, and impact. We can create inserts in any of the following materials depending on your application and its intended environment.

orange insert with accompanying pieces
Alpha Omega Swiss manufactures custom inserts using the following materials:
Standard Inserts

Alpha Omega Swiss produces brass inserts and other threaded inserts that can be utilized in the electronics, medical, dental and other demanding industries. Our inserts and standoffs can be installed in a variety of ways and into a variety of base materials. Machined parts installation is completed successfully using a selection of methods including manual or press in, heat stake, ultrasonic installation and molded in installation.

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Machined parts

Here are some examples of precision parts: