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When turned components are needed, screw machining or Swiss machining are ideal processes for high volume production. Alpha Omega Swiss delivers rapid and accurate screw machine products for the diverse needs of our clients. Within our state-of-the-art facility we are equipped with advanced CNC lathes and other equipment that aid in the timely production of turned parts. Our screw machines are controlled by our screw machining experts with years of hands-on experience in turned parts production. Precision is a key consideration in a variety of industries such as medical and dental, and screw machining is often utilized to meet the precision standards required.

The modern screw machine is based on the components of a lathe yet is specifically designed for tooling smaller parts. Our screw machines are automated and controlled either manually or through the help of CNC. Though Screw machining creates highly complex parts with tight tolerances, little human interaction is needed once the machining has begun. Choosing Alpha Omega Swiss for your screw machining and Swiss machining services will ensure that your parts are formed with accuracy and productivity as top priorities.

Screw machining is a versatile process responsible for the fabrication of gears and machined shafts as well as airbag components and computer parts. We offer value-added consulting to help clients determine if screw machining is the most effective process for a part production. If screw machining is recommended, our machining experts will work closely to bring the screw machine products from initial design through final production run with complete accuracy.

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